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Here are some pics from the Mudbog trip,

Dixie wearing her Hunter Orange harness,

Figured it would help people see her.

This is our ride,

Buddy of mine built it and we were taking it on it's maiden voyage!

then we went to the rock crawling event,

Dixie got tired of standing up! So she laid down,

Here is a cool Bug!

This is where Dixie rode at in the truck,

When we started going up she started standing on my chest! lol

Over all she did good, didn't get sick and stayed in the truck.

That night we were wheeling in the dark, and we busted a bead on one of the tire. We had to send it back to camp to get it aired up. While we were waiting Dixie was in the cab of the truck and me and 3 other guys were talking around the truck. One of the guys said" you hear that??" There was this crunching noise coming from the truck!! Looked inside the cab and Dixie had her head eep in a bag of potatoe chips!! I swear that girl loves tator chips!

Nice view huh!!

Dixie didn't want to get her ears licked! lol

Here is the link to the other 200 pics,

We had fun and Dixie was one dirty dog! lol She got a bath once we got home and the dirt that came off her covered the tub! lol

How has y'all weekend been?? I would have posted this sooner but I had 2 test this week and i got one back with a 86 for a grade. could have made a A but i made a simple mistake. Oh well.

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Originally Posted By: Chloe's MommyGreat pictures. Looks like Dixie had an eventful weekend....

Looks like you have a piece missing in your ride... hehe.
It's not finish, but we needed to room for the tires to flex! lol

It wouldn't be cool to rip the fender off since the tire is too tall for the "truck" lol

That truck started as a Wreck 2 wheel drive s10 off ebay for $250. Consider it is now a very capable 4x4 rig, i say he did good! lol
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