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Dixie is 6 month old now

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Her birthday is the same as Pita! lol

Here she is 7 weeks old,

then 2 months and a week or so,

then almost 3 months,

then almost 4 months,

then almost 5 months old,

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and now 6 months,

Here is a video of her doing Zomies toward the end of the session, but I guess running didn't let her know she needed to take care of business til the last second!


Oh well live and Learn.
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How adorable. Great picture's and funny video haha
She's a little cutie!! I love her look in the last picture
She is so cute... and has grown so much....

That's a funny video (was she peeing at the end?)
Quote:Originally posted by Chloe's Mommy:
She is so cute... and has grown so much....

That's a funny video (was she peeing at the end?)
Yea she was peeing, She never done that before, scratch then pee. Must have watched my parent's cat too much! lol
Miss Dixie, you're a true southern belle! :heart:
oh I just love her eyes!

Marley does the zoomies too and scratches. I call it the crazies, but same thing, ahahah.

And yes, sometimes they get caught up in the moment and go!
Too cute - and the video was too funny!
OK, that first pic is TOO CUTE! She is so itty bitty! Then I just LOVED the video. There's doting dad, taking video of his baby girl. Cute, isn't my girl cute, isn't she funny?....then.....PEEPEE! Your reaction was priceless. LOL!!
Beautiful babies & love that last pix ! :wave: :thumbup:
oh pretty girl!!
Awww, she's so cute! Such a pretty girl. I loved the video and your "ahhhhhhhhh" when she peed. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
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