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I can really sympathize--seems like we've been battling The Battle of the Beagle Bulge most of Shiloh's life! I occasionally win a minor skirmish, but nowhere close to winning the war!
I feed Miss Chubo--er, I mean Shiloh
-- Beneful Healthy Weight formula. I've tried Fit and Trim, which is more of a weight loss food, according to my vet. She hated it.
I've tried mixing green beans into her food, but she just eats around them!
I've cut down on the amount of treats I give her, and begun buying Iams Lite treats that are suppossed to be low calorie. (Actually, I suspect that they are called low calorie because they're really small!
) Sorry, I don't know about whether rawhides are fattening. I'm pretty sure pig ears are, and I've heard horror stories about them (pig ears, not rawhides). So even though Shiloh loves them, the only pig ears around our house are the ones attached to her head!!

Really, the best luck we've had getting any weight off is increasing her exercise. Before he moved to California, my son used to take her on long hikes, and she did lose a few pounds.
(And it didn't take a year!) But I don't have his will power, though goodness knows I could use some for Shi and me. We've just come off the first heat wave of the season here, with really high humidity and heat index,
so I know what you mean about exercising Toby in the heat! Maybe you could take him out hiking around a lake or pond, someplace shady, or early in the morning? Good luck!
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