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When Lilly died Rosa was the same as Darwin. Like Louise suggested I got her a special toy. It was just a stuffed squeeky furry dog that I named Fred. She took Fred EVERYWHERE with her and slept with him every night. He gave her comfort at times when I couldn't be there and he was also a distraction. When she seemed at a loss as to what to do I'd just say "go find Fred" and she go and look for him and we would have a little play.

That was 2 years ago and Fred is still her favourite toy and the only one she hasn't ripped up.

Dardog will come around with time. It took Rosa a few months to spring back to her old self but as she was the only dog left it took longer than one would imagine. I realised she needed a canine buddy so got Sherry and she's been fine ever since...unlike me.
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