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Darn that rain!!!

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Look what a heavy rain does to a normally lively beagle!!!!

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Awwwwww Boeing......I use a rainy afternoon as a good excuse for a nap too. Poor baby....the sun will come out tomorrow :rolleye11:
Hehe poor Boeing! Hopefully there will be sun tomorrow!
So true!! Spencer looks just like that when it's raining.
Yeah Boeing you look like the pups around my house to. It has been raining almost everyday here in FL and they have all been moping around cuz it is too wet to play in the yard.

None of they want to get their little paws wet :rolleyes:

Hopefully it will dry up soon for you !!
Do all beagles hate water this much?

That's going to take some getting used to. Our last two big dogs LOVED water!
The Bagel and I don't get much rain here in the desert but he loves to go exploring in the rain and I don't mind it either. I remember one time we were up in the Northeast corner of Utah and just as we crossed the line into Colorado, lightning struck about 30 feet from the car, the Bagel took that as an invitation to go sniff and as soon as i could find a place to pull off the road and the immediate threat of lightning had passed, we went for a wet adventure! The desert smells so great when it rains and I truely believe, the best odor in the world is sagebrush after a good rain.
Is that what a washed out beagle looks like?(excuse pun) then give me rain any day. He is beautiful
Boeing is just so handsome! Re beagles not liking rain -- Maggie loves it! I think I've related before that, during one particularly harsh hurricane, Maggie really had to go pee. I stood in the garage and told her to go out -- she happily did. I was actually afraid she would get blown away /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif but she had a ball. I think she likes the rub down that comes after the rain. Maggie also loves to swim -- I wish I had close access to a pool as I think the water therapy would do her good.
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Boeing, at least you rest when it's raining. We've had thunderstorms this afternoon, and Misty gets really nervous, and paces, shakes, etc. :eyes: That doesn't keep Li'l Girl from snoozing, but it's stressful for me. :hi:
Judy ..... I wish you weren't so far away. You can bring Maggie over for a swim in Dakota's pool anytime !!!
Funny that’s how our little guy look when its 120 degrees. When the late afternoon monsoons roll in he is a ball of energy. We do keep him inside if we are getting close lightning strikes but for the most part we let him out to explore the rain. Most of the time he end up rolling in the mud and we have to wash him off with the hose. Zeus loves water and hates the heat.
Oh how silly precious!

The Twins love the rain cause it brings out the smells in the backyard!
Boeing just remember "the sun will come out tomorrow" /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
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RAIN! this week has been the first dry week since Easter. I kid you not /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif

Over here we have had record floods and record rainfall. 56,000 houses have been flooded out. Thousands of business places affected. Loads of crops have been lost and thousands of farm animals have perished.

We have had several agility compititions cancelled but when you compare that to what lots of people over here have gone through we have got off very lightly.
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I think Charlie has forgotten what rain is!
Please blow a cloud over, we need the rain.
Cute picture, if you know how to blow the cloud over than you'll have a chance to play in the sun again. We have just too much of the sun, we gets sun burn. :eyes:
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