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Daisy is Sick

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She woke me up throwing up all over the bed. She's thrown up about every 10 minutes since 4:15AM. I'm not sure what to do for her. I'm guessing she got into something that she shouldn't have at doggy daycare yesterday although she was fine before bed. So, I'm just sitting downstairs on the couch keeping an eye on her. She's next to me in her bed with towels spread all around so hopefully I can keep the mess to somewhat of a minimum.
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Yikes! That is scary! Thankfully, she seems to be better. She finally stopped throwing up around 6:30 and we were both able to cat nap a little. I just gave her some ice cubes and she's holding that down. I've mixed up a little cooked white rice and ground beef and I'm letting it cool. I'll try her on that in a little bit if she keeps the ice down. She acts like she's starving to death, but then again she IS a Beagle. LOL!

She was scaring me last night. She would whine everytime she was getting sick and she was so lethargic which is so not like her. Now, she's back to her bubbly self so far.

Thanks for the replies and for reading!
Well, she is now back to her old self thank goodness. She was a little more laid back for most of the day, but then being awake half the night will do that to you. She caught up on her dog naps throughout the day. I think what really woke her up was her bath. She had gunk in her fur that had to come out, but after her bath she was running and ready to go.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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