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Daisy is Sick

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She woke me up throwing up all over the bed. She's thrown up about every 10 minutes since 4:15AM. I'm not sure what to do for her. I'm guessing she got into something that she shouldn't have at doggy daycare yesterday although she was fine before bed. So, I'm just sitting downstairs on the couch keeping an eye on her. She's next to me in her bed with towels spread all around so hopefully I can keep the mess to somewhat of a minimum.
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I hope Daisy continues to feel better as the day progresses. Please keep us updated.
I hope Daisy continues to feel better. It's so scary when our babies are sick and we don't know what's wrong. We had a scare like that with Jersey once. The people across the hall left a bag of garbage in the hallway and Jersey got something out of it before I could stop her. She was so sick, poor girl. Give Daisy some extra belly rubs from me and Jersey!
I am so glad to read that Daisy has shown improvement. Another one of those times that you just wish our pups could talk! Please continue to give us updates -- gentle belly rubs to Daisy from us.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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