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Daisy being her crazy self

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Daisy was quite excited after her bath the other day...

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How cute! Looks like Daisy had a serious case of the zoomies!
What is it about baths that make them go crazy? LOL! So cute!

Where was Rocky while the zoomies were going on?
Rocky was in the tub while Daisy was zooming around
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Zoomies after bath time are fun

Love it!! Great video!
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She has the ideal home to play chase.
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HAHAHA! That is hilarious! I can't wait to see our puppies start that craziness.
I wonder if they will. Thanks for sharing the video!
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Too funny! She certainly was taunting the camera!
That is adorable. Shiloh does the zoomies when I get home from work everyday. He'll be fast asleep and hear me come in and take off. Beagles are so much fun!!
LOL! What a silly girl. Jersey always gets the zoomies after a bath. I call it getting the clean off.
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