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Bonnie cut her foot tonight,
im guessing a piece of glass?

back foot, on the side of the 'Palm'
it was bleeding a little, thats how we noticed.
no limping, just blood.
i put her in the tub with soapy water,
washed it good, then dried it good.
then stiptic powder,
then 5 min later, neo sporin.
then wrapped it and put her e collar on.

... well that didnt work well,
with the cone on she was still able to pull the bandage off her foot.
no bleeding now though...
any suggestions?
thanks in advance,

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Is she bothered by the injury or just the bandage?

If it's not actively bleeding and she's not bothered by it I'd just keep an eye on it and let it heal.

If it starts bleeding or she licks/digs at the wound then further action may be warranted.
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