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We have crossed the border back and forth between Canada and the US many times with our brood. We always bring health certificates (actually, I believe all that is officially required to come into Canada with an adult dog (as opposed to a puppy) is just proof of rabies vaccine - but it certainly doesn't hurt to have a full health certificate just in case) but we have never been asked to show them. Even when we adopted both Booker and Moose from the US and brought them back into Canada for the first time all they asked for at the border was to see the bill of sale (sadly, dogs are simply personal property at law).

We did have a problem last time we went to the US last spring, though, trying to bring along dog food for our trip. I'm not sure whether there are any restrictions coming into Canada, but going back into the US there is a mad-cow related prohibition on bringing dog food into the US. I think they will let it go if the food is in a sealed bag and originated in the US, but ours was Canadian and open and so they poured out the full week's worth... the hounds were up in paws!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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