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Crazy puppy!

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Menolly did her first gross thing about half an hour ago. She claimed a dead mourning dove out back and tried to grab it.
I put her back inside and grabbed a shovel to get rid of the dead bird, but when I let her back out, she made a beeline for the spot and wouldn't leave it alone. She was getting covered in ants, so I grabbed the water hose and gave her a spritz. I had to check every crevice for ants and lock her out of the backyard for a while. Yuck!
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Sorry, but I have to laugh. You're officially a Beagle mom now. LOL!
Expect lots more adventures. I always say that life is never dull with Maggie here.
At least she didn't bring it in and lay it on your pillow. Chipper did that with a field mouse one winter, thought I would die!
At least you were quick enough to get it. Toby swallowed a small, dead rat once while I was chasing him down to get it from him. Ended up with some sort of parasite that required medication. YUCKIEST thing EVER!!!! ICK!

Hee hee...yep, you are a beagle owner!!!
I'd say you've been officially initiated Carrie! LOL
Welcome to the world of beagle puppies! Now the fun REALLY starts!
Nitro loves to kill bugs.. he squishes them.. paws at them... rolls on them.. its funny.. and gross!

Im sure this wont be the last present you get!!!:)
i love the pawing. they probably thinking hey, get up and play!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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