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Our pup will be six months in December. He has sporadic accidents around the house.

He is crated while we're at work, however my husband goes home to feed him lunch and walk him and he usually gets an afternoon potty break. He will still pee in his crate! We've taken his comfy bed out, left him with just a towel. 3 mornings this week were fine but he had a couple of afternoon accidents. He did have an accident this morning, so for the afternoon he'll have nothing in his crate.

What else can I do???
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I'm with brien, our 5 month old pup had accidents like that and would pee or poop over night in his crate regularly until we regulated his food and water intake, for example we cut ALL drink and water at 6pm. and took him out every 3-4 hours. Now he usually lets us know when he needs to go out but he gets let out at midnight and then not again till 7 am we haven't had any accidents in WEEKS. Also when he pees inside just say NO and put him outside, by himself, so that he knows that peeing inside means alonetime outside with no one to play or toys. when he does go outside LOTS AND LOTS of happy voices and excited praise. good luck ::)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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