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I am living testament to how HARD it is to potty train a puppy who has been allowed/forced/given no other option than to eliminate in the crate.

She came to me 7 months old having always been left with no guidance whatsoever about where to go.

Breaking her of peeing/pooping in her crate was our first job, and it has taken us 3 solid WEEKS just to break her of going in her crate...and she STILL has accidents. This is ONLY the crate, mind you. She still goes willy nilly in the house if I'm not on top of it every moment she's awake.

I'm a stay-home mom, so I am with her all day and night. We take her out once every two hours and, IN ADDITION, any time she is behaving like she might need to go.

House training a beagle who has decided it's okay to go inside is a bloody, hair-ripping NIGHTMARE.

Just...so you know.

Don't let little Marco get used to going in his crate. My advice, if you simply cannot be home during work hours often enough, is to puppy-proof your bathroom and use a paper training method.

Beagle babe gave me good information about this method, and it seems to me with such a young pup that this might be the way to go for you.
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