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How long are you keeping him in there at a time? An 8 week old puppy needs to be walked every few hours. You wouldn't expect a baby or toddler to be able to hold their bladder for hours at a time and you shouldn't expect a puppy to do so either.

You need to take him out as often as necessary to prevent him urinating in the house. It is VERY difficult to untrain a dog that has been taught that it is "OK" to "go" in the house, whether it's on puppy pads or newspaper etc.

You may have to get up a couple times a night (or have someone come walk him if you work during the day) but consistent training done with a loving mindset will help house train your pup better than allowing him to pee in the crate, then trying to correct that behaviour later on.

Positive reinforcement is the key to training a beagle. When you see him start to pee (or poop) in the house correct the behaviour by clapping your hands together and a sharp "NO!" then take him outside immediately. It's very important that you correct the behaviour as soon as you see him doing it.

When he pees and/or poops outside pretend it was THEE absolute best thing in the world. Give him lots of kisses and rubs, say "good Marco!" (or whatever it is you say) in a cheery voice.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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