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I would advise you to take him to the vet to have them rule out kennel cough, but it sounds to me that he's doing what we call "reverse sneezing" AKA mechanosensitive aspiration reflex.

Reverse sneezing is common among dogs, especially, beagles and doesn't indicate anything is wrong, or that he's choking or suffocating (in case you're worried about that), even though it sounds horrible.

In a regular sneeze, your dog pushes air out through the nose but during a reverse sneeze he's pulling rapidly in through the nose producing something that sounds like a snort, honk sound.

Try rubbing his throat next time he has one of these "episodes" to see if that helps.

No one knows exactly what caused reverse sneezing, although some think it could be related to allergies. On thing I would check though is that his collar is not too tight around his neck...you should be able to stick two fingers between his neck and the collar.
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