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About an hour ago, I took the three dogs out for a last pee before bed.

It's been raining here and it's damp...I was thinking that usually this is when we see toads hopping around on the driveway.

Right as I thought that, Yodel jumped away from something on the ground. I just knew it was a toad and walked toward it to pick it up and get it out of Yodel's way.

I was only a few feet away when I saw a small copperhead coiled up on the rocks in the garden. I shreeked and jumped five feet in the air and started calling for my husband. Which was futile because he was upstairs and no way he could hear.

I couldn't go inside to get him because my three dogs were scattered and I wanted to keep them away from the snake.

Finally, I found an old rubbermaid storage bin in the recycle bin and threw it over the snake. My son came out looking for me just then and I sent him back in to get my husband.

Anyway...my husband who has a heart of gold, caught the snake with some tongs and we put it into a pillowcase then into a bucket. He is going to release the snake someplace else, away from people, tomorrow on his way to work.

Meanwhile, Yodel is fine, gave him a Benadryl just in case. My husband said that if he had been bitten, he would have some swelling and be in pain.

I still have the heeby-jeebies because in the 13 years we've lived here, I've <span style="font-style: italic">never</span> once seen a copperhead. We have so many black snakes that I thought they kept the bad snakes away.


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Oh Denise, I would have been scared stif. We only have harmless snakes in our garden, although in our area there are adders. Hope your husband managed to let it go safely.
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