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it has been a few weeks now. I must say his recall is doing good. of course he isn't off leash but he does come even when distracted. his nose still leads him into trouble from time to time with the stray cats, but he does refocus when we speak to him.

he is completely worm free now.

he has taught our husky how to play ball and take treats for tricks/good behavior. he sits and gives paw and waits at the door until we say come so he can go out.

he isn't into the trash anymore. I will ask are you in the kitchen he comes running and looks at me as if to say, who me, never. so it is real cute.

he loves his pillow and blanket.

crate training for night time is awesome. he once in a while has an accident in the crate when we go off for a couple of hours. we found the trick to that by letting him play outside for an hour before we go. come back and no messes. yay. well that's it for my update.

have a happy beagle day
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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