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Conflicting info.

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Well i have finally got Konas papers from the SPCA where he was before beagle paws took him.
Well according to his surrender papers his name is Cona and he was 5 years old at surrender time(which would make him about 6 now)Which is what i always thought his age was.
He is also microchipped so i got the chip #(which was on the surrender papers too) and went on to EIDAP site and according to that he is 2.5 years old (DOB Oct.31/2006),name Rocky.according to the surrender info and microchip info it was same owner so you would suspect she would have known the date differences.
I actually like the name Rocky and if his birthday is Oct.31/2006 he is younger than Kass DOB May 10/2006.
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Wow, that is interesting. I wonder if the SPCA got their records messed up when he came in. I would think the info. on the micro chip is the most accurate.

Try going into another room and call Rocky and see if he comes. But don't do it in an overly animated tone, you want him to come by name not by the sound of someone calling him. Does that make sense?
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