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Conflicting info.

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Well i have finally got Konas papers from the SPCA where he was before beagle paws took him.
Well according to his surrender papers his name is Cona and he was 5 years old at surrender time(which would make him about 6 now)Which is what i always thought his age was.
He is also microchipped so i got the chip #(which was on the surrender papers too) and went on to EIDAP site and according to that he is 2.5 years old (DOB Oct.31/2006),name Rocky.according to the surrender info and microchip info it was same owner so you would suspect she would have known the date differences.
I actually like the name Rocky and if his birthday is Oct.31/2006 he is younger than Kass DOB May 10/2006.
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Don't know how much a vet can really tell, all the three vets who looked at the Bagel when I first rescued him could estimate was he was at least 3, probably not more than 5 or so. Now if indeed you have a possible B-day of Oct.31/2006 then even if you ain't sure, go ahead and celebrate, the Bagel kinda thinks October 31 might be his B-day as we always do some special on that day, after all it is a Holiday for us and not because it is All Saints Day or Halloween.
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