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CONCERNED: Lethargic Beagle?!

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Hello everyone, many of you know me as the one who has gone through some hard times with my family and with feelings of not being adequate enough for my Bailey. But thanks to many words of encouragement and monetary help which I am SO thankful for and Bailey of course sends her thankful *AROOOO!*

I actually got a part time job working in the evening (I'm a stay at home mom to my 3 year old Quadruplets during the day of course) but I've been working 2 evenings a week at a new PetCo which gives me money to care for Bailey and some extra money to help out at home plus a Discount on pet supplies, cant beat that! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif

Anyway, sorry, I felt I should update first.

Anyhow, now for my concern:

This morning I opened Bailey's crate in the morning as I normally do, generally she goes and takes a drink of water and we go outside for her to go potty and we go back in and I feed her.

This morning when I opened her crate she stayed laying there instead of bolting out like she normally does, I had to coax her out and she kinds hobbled out. I decided I'll just take her out to potty real quick and we can get back in and she can eat, I put her leash on and began to walk off, only to find that she would not walk with me, she stumbled, and with much coaxing I was able to get her to slowly follow me to the stairs in front of the door, she would not walk down the stairs, so I picked her up and took her outside, she went pee and kinda fell while doing so but she got back up. (now of course I KNOW something is wrong) I get her back in usually she BOLTS upstairs while I make silly noises and asking her if she wants her "hungries" and usually she jumps up and down getting excited about her food... instead when I went up the stairs she didn't follow and just layed down on the floor by the door. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif

I went down and picked her up and brought her to the kitchen by her food (I noticed that she was salivating, dripping from her mouth abit) I gave her, her food and she ate it, I went about my buisness. I then called to her because usually after she eats she'll come find me, I called to her and she didnt come, so I went to the kitchen and couldnt find her, I looked around the kitchen and I found her laying on the floor next to the toilet in the bathroom! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif

I picked her up and brought her to the livingroom and layed her on the couch, she was quite limp seeming like she really didnt want to move. She was also quite cold, her ears and feet more cold than the rest of her, I put a towel over her and of course I was bawling to my husband that I KNOW something is wrong, he keeps telling me she's just tired or something.

I know my dog, and she was not acting right. This was the first hour of the morning, then at some point a noise set her off she jumped up from the couch from under the blanket I had laid on her and was wagging her tail, I gave her some of her BilJac treats and her tail was wagging, she did her sit, and shake and now seems COMPLETELY normal, just like she normally acts.

My husband seys "see I told you she was ok"

I am glad she is acting normal now... but I am still concerned for how she was acting this morning.

Does anyone have any experience with anything like this?
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What a scary thing for you to experience - and I'm glad Bailey is feeling better now.

Both of our older beagles have infrequent (2-3 times a year) seizures and the description of Bailey is definitely consistent with their post-seizure reaction - especially the point where they finally seem to just "snap" back to normal (which is always such a relief). Luckily both Booker and Moose have relatively minor seizures (they don't lose bladder or bowel control) - but the few minutes during the seizure are still terrifying and we always feel so helpless because there is really nothing we can do about it besides holding them and trying to reassure them they are not alone.

Our vet has always told us that as long as the seizures do not become more frequent, more severe or start to last longer, there is really nothing to do but keep an eye on them. One thing they have always suggested, though, is to try to film them when they are actually having a seizure - because seeing the seizure is the absolutely best way for the vet to really know what is happening.

Hopefully Bailey won't have another seizure for a long, long time (if ever), but if she does and you do have a way to film it that would probably be a good idea to help with a diagnosis moving forward.

Good luck.
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