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I haven't seen anything like this. I took Charlie for a walk to the dog park, and of course he had a great time in the park zooming around. Walking back, he took his sweet time, all of the sudden he just collapse, laid down on the ground....panting for breath, would not bulge. He was poofed, exhausted... I had to carry him all the way back home which is only half a block. Now he is napping, I checked, nothings wrong with him. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sleep.gif
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this isnt a good sign.
this is a sign of a heat stroke at the very worst. dont push your pooch when this happens.
this is their sign to you that they are pooped. i carry water for bernie, as hes done this before.
plenty of water should be given to your pooch a.s.a.p, followed by plenty of rest. down south here its a common thing. its also common that they dont get back up after this. (if ya know what i mean) always carry extra water for your pooch, and one of those roll up travel bowels too.
i keep 1/2 gallon of water thats been frozen before bernie and i head out to the park. i toss it in the back of the truck so it will thaw quickly. then i carry a big water bottle too for he and i to split if needed. you never know when your pooch will have an attack from the heat or just over doing it. it might be on a trip that youve done 100 times before. so please be ready.
this is usually followed by a big nap when they get the chance. it just takes everything out of them.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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