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I haven't seen anything like this. I took Charlie for a walk to the dog park, and of course he had a great time in the park zooming around. Walking back, he took his sweet time, all of the sudden he just collapse, laid down on the ground....panting for breath, would not bulge. He was poofed, exhausted... I had to carry him all the way back home which is only half a block. Now he is napping, I checked, nothings wrong with him. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sleep.gif
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Actually ditto to ricksconnected

I think if a dog lies down on a hot day he is telling you that is enough.

If a dog appears to be overheating you are best to bathe him in tepid water and let him have baby sips and get to the vet ASP. Dogs only sweat through their feet and through panting. If you have a poorly hot dog, his gums will be white and pale and he will panting hard and listless. Their temperatures can shoot up so fast!

I dog walk for a living and the amount of owners who dont have a clue. I had one say her dog did not feel the heat!! DOH!

PLease listen to your dogs body language. I never walk my dogs between 12 and about 4 when it is very hot, also the pavements can be boiling and hurt their pads.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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