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clean up time?!

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Those who have children should know what I mean. Thought I'm done with the clean up time, now I have to clean up after Charlie. :grr: :hi:
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After a play session with Boeing, my living room doesn't look any better! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
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A familiar sight, the toys come out of the basket, but don't seem to make it back without Mom's doing it. :eyes:
Yeah Sandy, you see that basket on the far right side tipped over. There are couple of them rolled off the rug, couldn't fit in the picture. I do not understand why he needed to have all of them out of the basket! We should train them putting them back in order. :biglaugh:
You should see my place by bed time, they usually have all 3 toy boxes all over the floor and I get to pick them up. I think I am going to teach them to put their toys away.
I know exactly what you are saying! Multiply it times 4! I sometimes find favorite toys up on my bed. Of course they are totally wet and sloppy by then. Don't forget the forgotten one you step on in the middle of the night on the way to the bathroom. :ecstatic:
My apartment is constantly like that, with twice as many toys.... I'm used to it by now... :p
Add cotton wadding from a stuffed animal rent asunder by beagle teeth... sigh, there's my clean-up routine. At least mine manages to keep the fluff mostly confined to his room.
Do you all want to borrow my Sherry? She puts all the toys in a nice neat little pile when she or Rosa have done playing /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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I just started reading this and had to laugh!! Just a hour ago I'm walking around my living room picking up all the dog toys and putting them in their box. I actually said to my husband and kids this is worse than having kids... :toofunny:
I have a friend in Georgia who taught her labrador retriever to put his toys back in the toy box when they are done playing. it really is an interesting sight to see !!! I have trained my lab to bring the toys in from the back yard but in the toy basket...not quite yet !!

Beagle are food driven enough that it could possibly work with them too !! Although Sammy is a little to old and set in her ways to learn to pick up the toys.
I wish I could train Duke to put his toys away. My family room looks similar, but there is usually some little pieces of whatever he may have chewed up mixed in with the toys to really make the carpet look dirty. I could vacuum every 15 minutes and they will make sure it looks bad within 2 seconds. *sigh*
You folks should be very careful around the house with so much toys laying around. I stepped on a kong and almost fell! Remembering those good old days with my children, stepping on a piece of Leggo!
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if my mother stepped on a toy it went in the trash or the garage sale box. I lost alot of toys that way.
I think Sherry tidy's them up because she has spent all her life being a mum. She thinks the toys are her babies and wants to keep them all together. She will often take each toy one by one and put it in her bed, give them a lick each then sleep with them :heart:
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