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Jersey had her annual check-up today. She was so afraid of everything at the office until we were done. Then, it was like she knew all the bad stuff was over and turned on the charm. Her tail started wagging and she started doing this little prancing thing she does. She even had the vet laughing. $178 dollars later, Jersey is officially a happy, healthy Beagle.

On another note, I've been contemplating changing offices recently. I've been going to this office since I got Amber back in 1992. I love my vet, but the help had become something to be desired. They had more new people today, but I really liked them all. They were a lot friendlier than the last group that was there and everyone of them was great with Jersey. So, for now, it looks like I'll be staying with that office.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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