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Christmas Mischief!!

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We've had some fun over the festive period. Christmas day was mischief free, so on boxing day with our dinner guests arrival imminent....Bella decided that normal service should be resumed! She decided that our tray of freshly baked yorkshire puddings would look alot better scattered all over the kitchen floor and proceeded to remove them from our kitchen work surface. Normally so vigilant...i swear, we only took our eyes off of her for a split second. As the day progressed she also managed to get onto our dining table on two occassions, taking a massive beagle sized lick of the chocolate gateau we had layed on and shortly afterwards helped herself to a big ol' slice of cheesecake. Her final instalment came when she got herself entangled in the light cables under the christmas tree and........i don't need to tell you what happened next!! Lets just say our beautifully decorated xmas tree now looks a little bit ragged!......BELLA!!!
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I'm sorry, but that's just so funny!
Of course, it probably wouldn't be so funny if one of my dogs did it.
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I'm sorry I'm laughing too, but it IS funny in hindsight, right? LOL

Maggie has been slowly destroying our Christmas tree since the day we put it up two weeks ago. It's missing most of it's ornaments, she broke 2 strings of lights, and the final desecration occured on Christmas Eve, when she had diarrhea all over the tree skirt. Ya just gotta love these beagles!
Naughty! Ours were remarkably well-behaved when we had company, mostly because my boyfriend bought our little monsters some rawhide chews that they worked on for most of the afternoon. Spock did get a couple of very small pieces of turkey and ham after Bones stole his remnants, though. I only hope they don't get as creative as Bella did next time
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I'm laughing at your story too. Sorry... Just think of the great stories that you and your guests have to tell now. Remember back in '08 when Bella knocked the tree down. Hehe. Sounds like Bella had herself a very good Beagle day. At least by Beagle standards.
LOL! That's why we didn't have a tree this year!
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