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I foolishly decided to decorate our house for the Holidays. What I didn't plan on (well, I did, but hoped it wouldn't be so bad) was Duke's behavior on his first Christmas.

My little boy is a heathen. I knew this already, but he has only re-enforced it in the past week. The snow blankets I used to put on my end table and sofa table are gone. He tugged on them so that he could pull them down along with the decorations on the table. The puffy, pillow-stuffing fake snow? Oh, long gone...it lasted less than an hour. Garland on the tree? No way! The ornaments all have to be on the top half of the tree. He has a co-conspirator with the cat, she knocks things off for him.

Actually, it is frustrating and worrysome. We keep the front room blocked off (which is where the tree and most of the decorations are) with a baby gate, but he can jump the gate now. I'm more concerned about him eating something that will hurt him than anything. We have no icicles and the garland is off the bottom of the tree and any table tops. But yesterday, the cat broke a bulb. Luckily I saw it right away, but I realized that if Duke had found it and ate it, it would have been very harmful.

How do you all keep your beagles from turning into decoration-destroying maniacs this time of year?
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