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Chloe's vet visit today!!

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We went for Chloe's annual checkup, rabies, and 7-in-1 shot today, and she was the perfect angel! :angel: Aside from needing a teeth cleaning, she got a clean bill of health! :bounce:

I forgot to mention that one could have sworn that Bailey and Ginger were having their toenails pulled out with pliers when they saw me loading Chloe in the truck. I guess it shows how bonded they really are. They howled and carried on for a short time when we got home and they saw she was OK..
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That's good to hear :thumbup:

It's always very touching to read about how bonded these beagles are.
I have to agree with the bonding thing. Last Saturday I brought our other dog Mick in to be groomed and my family said you would have thought these girls were dieing. They cried and howled for about 15 minutes.

I guess there is a strong bond...
I always take Cecil and Brandy together for everything. When we see the vet one watches and waits while the other is being examined and reverse. Cecil always wants to go first. They get kennel baths together and get nails and ears done together. When Cecil had her surgery to remove a little lump, Brandy was beside herself without her sister. When we picked them up as Brandy had been at day care, Richard carried Cecil to the truck and I held her and he went back in and brougt Brandy out. Brandy could not stop kissing Cecil on the way home. It's just so traumatic to them to be separated that we just suck it up and do everything we can with them together.
Yep, same here.....
Maggie dies a thousand deaths if Calvin isn't within her sight. It's especially difficult lately since my son moved out, and she's still grieving the loss of that pack member. She seems especially clingy to me and Cal.

I've never had a dog so visibly at her worst if any pack member is missing. It's heartbreaking.

Chloe, way to go girl. What a trooper......! :thumbup:
Good girl Chloe!
This bonding thing is both wonderful and sad. Our two run around as if joined by an invisible string. If one is upset the other licks him/her all over. The worrying part is, what if one of them dies.
Wonderful news. Keep going Chloe! :thumbup:
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