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The last couple of days since we have returned from being away, Chloe has started walking on the top of the couch. Now mind you we have a sectional so it is kinda easy to do, but it seems she would rather walk up there than on the actual couch.

Plus I have went to bed the last couple of nights only to find all the *good* treats hidden into my pillow case :rotflmao: ......nothing like plopping my head down to many bones!!!!!

Do you think she has some jealousy issues with my Sister's dog who has been over half the month and for the record cannot jump on our bed at night!

Gosh Beagles make like more interesting!

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Maggie is a climber.....the back of the couch, the top of the table, even small trees (especially when she's running zoomies :hi: )

Her recent fav place to lay, is on the back of the couch with her chin resting on my shoulder.

Beagles.....a laugh a minute..... :freak:
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