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Chloe is fast asleep

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Last night I was cooking; well, baking a pie actually, and when I turn around, I see this:

Do you guys have pictures with your beags sleeping with you? (I'm sure you do)


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No,I don't have pics of the beags sleeping WITH me since it's kind of hard to get that kind of picture by myself. I have tons of sleepy beagles though! That is so cute! They do love to cuddle, don't they? Thank you for sharing with us.

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Awwww, those pics are adorable. Chloe looks very comfy and Glenda's pack are so cute all cuddled together.

Last night, Duke was all curled up in Dave's chair, resting his head on a blanket Dave had on it. When Dave came in from outside, he sat on the couch because he didn't want to disturb Duke because he looked so peaceful and comfy. He can never accuse me of spoiling Duke again. Hehehe.
Chloe is just a sweetie. I guess their innocence makes them so cute when sleeping.

Glenda, that is nice looking pack of Beags you have there.
Maybe nothing cuter than a sleeping beagle!!! Hmmm...I say the same thing about my son!
Well, I don't have any pics of Jersey with me. I have one of her sleeping on Mike. Chloe looks so nice and peaceful. She really must love her uncle!
Sweet Chloe...her pictures always warm my heart!
Here's one of Luigi sleeping. Their so cute when they're sleeping. Maybe I should focus less on action shots and more on still photos like this one.


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