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First off, thank God she is ok. You were doing the right thing, who knew she would go through those bars, she was determined hu?

Second, do not feel like a bad mommy, please, im sure a scare or two has happended to us all

..or in my case, ummm, like over a handful.

I cannot tell you how many times Snoopy has ran off after we thought was in a secure dog park in Chicago, a park surrounded by water except on one side, the only way in or out...except to a beagle...rabbits live in the huge rocks surrounding the park and river, and oh yeah, he jumped on them and ran...swear I thought he was going to die, I about had a heart attack...and this was at least 3 times this happened....then, other times he is so scared of people that come close that he would just pull back out of his harness, and escape....

I would have died if anything happened to him during those times...weird thing, Snoopy is SO SO scared of people, but pays no attention to cars, several times he ran into the road and one time someone slammed the breaks just not to hit him, another time, I was able to run in front of the car....I didnt care if I was hit, as long as he was ok.

Now, Im way over sensitive to where I let him off leash...there is a doggie beach where I live, but it is not gated, but has huge rocks all around...I will not take him there alone unless ron is with me, so he hasnt been there yet, but I will not take the chance alone..b/c next to the beach is a very busy road.

Please dont think your a bad mommy, I posted everytime this happened and only got support..we all understand how hard it is wanting to let your beagle run free, but try to keep them safe at the same time, and it seems as if you did you best!

Amanda and Snoops
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