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Chewing tips

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Or that should probably be not chewing tips!

We've never had a chewer... until Buzz. So far he has chewed holes (he doesn't go completely to town, just one perfect bite the exact shape of his chompers) in 5 duvet covers (4 of ours, 1 in a hotel...), 1 futon cover (also in the hotel - that was an expensive stay!), 5 pillowcases, 1 dog bed, 2 blankets and now he is starting on our sofa cushions (2 down, 4 to go...).

The chewing seems to happen the most when he is playing with Moose - in the course of playing, if any fabric gets anywhere close to his mouth, he will take a bite out of it. Some of it happens when we are here - some when we are out. We have never crated any of our pack but short of that, is there any way to stop him from doing this? Is it something he will grow out of (he is about 2 right now)? Any tips would be most appreciated!!
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WOW. Can I ever sympathize with what you are going through. I tried the bitter spray with Gabby, and sometimes I think she likes it. She's destroyed countless toys and dog beds (pillows), my old coffee table, and literally chewed up an old recliner. I was told that she is still very young, and that she panics sometimes when I'm not home.

What I'm doing to suppress her chewing: I put all of my good furniture in my front room that I can close off from the rest of the house. Now the dogs have free run of their living room with their own Futon, and a dog door that goes out into a beagle-proof play area outside. So far, so good. I'm also about to place an order with Pet Edge for some non-furry chew toys that I'll rotate daily to keep her interest. Sometimes I think that we need a chewing support group thread! LOL.... Keep us posted!!
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