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Charlie first time on the beach

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Run Charlie run!
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Great pictures! Charlie looks happy and it looks like it was a beautiful day!
which beach is that? I am so excited because Arty and I are moving down to Huntington beach in a few months and we'll be very close to the dog beach!

How did Charlie do with the water?
Those are great!! Looks like a lot of fun was had! Charlie is very handsome!
Vinny is scared to death of the beach. He is very skittish about noise he is not familiar with and I think the sounds at the beach overwhelm him.

Charlie is a good lookin boy.
Great pics...Im too scared to let Snoopy free at the Huntington Beach Dog Park b/c it is down hill off of PCH, and I just know he will catch a sent and run up the walk on either side....darn

Marbles doesnt leave my side, so Im sure he would do fine.

Artimus- I live in Newport Beach, but we have looked to buy houses in Huntington next summer. Maybe if we lobby together we can get the Dog Beach to put up gates at the 2 entrances????

Also, I have an AWESOME Doggie Daycare called Doggietown...staffed 24 hours a day with a person, cage free, they are the best Ive had!!

Let me know if you have any ?s about the area

Manda, Snoopy, and Marbles
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It's great to see Charlie again! It looks like he enjoyed the surf and sand!
Aww, love seeing Charlie again! He looks like he had a blast.
Looks like Charlie is having a blast!!!
Yay, Charlie! Looks like you had a blast

I ask mommy to go to the beach all the time, but she says it's a problem without a car. She promised me this summer we'll work something out.

btw - you are sooooo handsome

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It is a dog beach by Half Moon Bay 45 minutes from San Francisco. I didn't pay attention to the name sign.
All dogs I saw were off leash, sadly Charlie must be on leash but a long one.
I took a video on my camera showing he got caught with a tiny tidal wave. He didn't know the wave can rush back, he tried running back but was too late.....he got wet!
I wish I was on that beach with Charlie! Looks like a great time was had.
There are two women in the first picture?You have the same clothes on.!
Nice photos and you are so lucky to be near a beach.
Charlie looks like he really enjoyed the beach.
I don't imagine Li'l Girl will ever get to one since she doesn't like to ride, and that'd be the only way to get her to the coast.
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Great pictures. It looks like a fun time was had by all. Jersey loves the beach, but she's not too fond of the water. She'll walk with me along the shore but wont go into the water without a bit of a fight.
I wish I were there with you. I'd love to bring Mugsy to the beach. Charlie looks like he enjoys it too!
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