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Charlee needs to get a job

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Got hammered at the vet yesterday. Took Charlee for his last puppy visit. Got his normal round of shots, plus he needed bloodwork to make sure everything is okay to get him neutered next month. He's still itching all the time, has been since we got him. Tried antihistimine, cream rinse and changing his food. Lately he's been chewing on his heels and elbows and there's bald spots. So the vet did a skin scrape on those areas (another charge)and it turns out he has a genetic mite. On top of that his ears are slightly red despite cleaning them. So we got ointment for the ears, combo heartworm, flea and mite medication and an antibiotic. $300 later, we went home. Wonder if there's any chores I can have him do around here to work it off. LOL!
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I completely understand!! They can definitely be costly. We've had some health issues with Daisy that have cost a pretty penny. I always tell her she's lucky she's cute!!
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