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Caught napping at their guard post..

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I have these storage boxes stacked up in front of our bedroom window so they can climb up and keep an eye on the neighborhood. We are always alerted whenever the mailman or UPS/FedEx show up, or when the neighbors come and go. I took the day off work and they are just lounging around on those boxes. I look over just now and find they are not watching for burglers or delivery drivers. They are snoozing! Turning the camera on woke them half way so all I could get where half sleepy eyes instead of closed shut and jittering around from having rabbit dreams...


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Belle has the look of will you get this big oaf off of me.
What a pretty shot, though. I love the one eye peeking out from almost under an ear.
Great photo! I'm sure that, since you were home, they knew they could take a snooze and let down their guard.
What an amazing shot! Looks like material for next years calendar for sure!
That's a very pretty picture.
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Oh...I love to see our dogs snuggling and snoozing too.
What a cute pic. Chloe and Max miss seeing u at the park
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