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So Wednesday was Canada Day and my friend's had a backyard bbq.

Zelda went all out and wore a bandana that had a print of hot dogs, hamburgers, lemonade, and toppings all over it haha

But she had a fun day playing with her doggy friends!! Although, I will say, it was one of her worst dog in the world days where she put anything and everything in her mouth in hopes that people would chase after her.

We had a scary moment when someone dropped a glass and WHAM, there goes Zelda straight for it!! picks a piece of glass up in her mouth and starts running like an idiot. Took three of us to tackle her down and she ended up cutting the roof of her mouth, but it was such a tiny cut, that it maybe produced a drop of blood. I gave her an ice cube afterwards. I swear... if it wasn't for that beagle face of hers!!


1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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