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I feel like I should post this here.

Some of you may have saw the pictures of my adorable little beagle Bria. Or read my PUPdates.

Things were going really well between us. But, after a few weeks of everyone saying, you are never going to make it my girlfriend and I decided that we really didn't have the time or money for her. We felt it would be better for her if she had a family who would be able to give her a better life.

I found a family on Craigslist and they came over and took her away from us. they had a yard and kids and one of them worked at home so they would have plenty of time for her.

Needless to say, we cried ourselves to sleep for a few nights after that and things are just now starting to get back to normal. I just thought I should let everyone know about what happened to my little pup, and to thank everyone for all of their help when I needed it.
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