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but why mom?

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had to go out today & could not bring Georgia so into the crate she went.
it is a good thing she is used to them she goes right in to trouble at all but when she hears me leave the house she starts barking
she will do the same thing at night & either me or my husband will have to go & sit with her so she settles down
than she will sleep through the night


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Georgia is beautiful

Chloe won't go in the crate (with the door locked) when I'm not home.... **sigh** I wish she did!
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Georgia is a beautiful girl. Be careful putting her in the wire crate with a harness on-it can get caught. Also think about sitting with her at night because you are developing habits that you may not want to continue down the road.
I agree with the harness thing. I'm even careful with collars. My guys don't wear them when we aren't home. I've just read about too many dogs that have been injured from a collar getting caught.

She is absolutely gorgeous though!!
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Yup!! About the harness/collar - my Chloe is naked unless we go for a walk.
She is beautiful
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thanks we have been taking off the harness/collar when we are done walking
she is good now & will sit to have them put on
awww she looks so soft!!! what a beautiful dog!!
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