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Buster came to us one April night. I had just returned home from class and from out of the dark a black dog emerged. I remember the tail wagging most of all.
I usually give dogs that show up a “git!” because they belong somewhere in the neighborhood. I didn’t recognize this one, and while I was on the verge of turning my back on him I stopped. This one was different.

I brought him some food and water. I remember the tail wagging-it involved his whole body. I sat in the garage as he ate some food and drank some water. When he was done he looked up at me and I remember the tail wagging.
We’ve had a number of strays show up and we’ve always taken them to the shelter. We sponsored a couple until they were adopted, but I had no intention of adding another dog to our pack. It was clear this one had been dropped off, so I brought him inside out of the cold so we could decide what to do with him.

There was just something about him. Despite being dropped off in the country he was the happiest dog I’ve ever known. He always had a smile, never cried, never growled, was never grumpy, and I remember his tail wagging most of all. We decided to keep him and we named him Buster. The name fit like a glove, he could never be anything but Buster.

Buster was never the smartest dog around, but he was always the happiest, and he made happy contagious. I’m not really sure when I realized he was getting old, but suddenly one day I noticed his chin was gray (like mine) and he was walking stiff. Drugs helped, but the clock had started ticking on his time with us. Buster never complained and his tail always wagged.

We guessed his age at 3 or 4 when he came to live with us. For 11 years he was a part of our lives. Buster was always there, always happy, always wagging his tail.
For his own good I had to put Buster to sleep today. I’ve had to do this many times before, but this loss seems just a little deeper. Buster made the world a better place, and I am honored that he chose us that April night. My life has been richer because of Buster.

Good bye my friend, you’ll be missed.
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