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Buddy Update

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It's been a while so I just wanted to update everyone on how Buddy is doing. He was in a couple of months ago for vaccinations and it was decided to check his blood work. Everything was fine except his kidney numbers were a little elevated. We dialed back one of his meds from one pill twice a day to one. I took him in a month later for a recheck and the kidney values were the same. At that time we reduced that med to 1/2 once a day. He was back for a recheck this morning and his kidneys were back to normal.

Overall he is doing well and the meds are doing their job. He likes to sleep most of the day, but who doesn't. In the evening though he likes to stand and just bark at me. I fill his water dish and he barks. I give him some food and he barks. I send him outside with a treat or two and he comes back and barks. I think he's just wanting attention. We're still going to the dog park on the weekends where he likes to roam around and visit with his doggy friends. During the week we still do a couple of short walks throughout the day.

On a side note Bud was getting a bit grimy and stinky so I took him to a groomer for a bath the other day. Wen they called to say he was ready they also said they found a spot on his back that had an infection of some sort. So they cleaned it up and when I picked him up sure enough he has another bald spot. It has healed over nicely the last several days but I still had the vet look it over.

Bud sends a big "AAAAARRRRRRROOOOOOOOO" to everyone.

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He is such a cutie, I'm glad he is doing well for his age. Beagles sure love to sleep!
Glad you checked in. And very happy that Buddy is doing well. That is great news.
Honestly …. I love a senior beagle. I don’t know what it is but a gray muzzle does my heart good. Glad he is feeling better.
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