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Neb's done something similar!

Not to mention the time we were packing up from a camping trip. We were camping in a big park surrounded by huge wilderness. We let Neb off-tie out, turn around. Where's he gone? Try not to freak out. I went one way shaking the bag of food, Toby the other way. Toby found him at the next (empty) campsite licking the fire grill. He looked up when Toby called his name, wagged his tail, and went back to licking. I could've killed him but I was just so relieved he was okay.
Beagles are so unpredictable and so much fun! My most anxious moment came when Buck was a puppy and got off leash and was running through traffic. Congratulations on having a Beagle . . .
You are either very intelligent or very lucky.
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