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How traumatic for you and Buddy! Buddy needed one last binge of steak and cheese before he started his careful low sodium diet. Good he has an appetite (Ally had periods during her illnesses with no appetite -probably I mentioned). I'm also on amlodipine for blood pressure and on low-sodium diet. Tell Buddy to stay away from potato chips :) or get the low salt kind.

Meds should delay onset of worse heart problems and make Buddy feel a lot better. His valve issue is the most common naturally-occurring heart problem in dogs.

There's a study showing that a cardiac protective diet of nutrients that included medium-chain triglycerides for energy instead of fat from beef (which is what is usually in dog kibble); long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (usually from fish oil); lysine and methionine (carnitine precursors); vitamin E (an antioxidant); magnesium; and taurine were found to decrease left atrial enlargement. I don't know how expensive the kibble would be or what stage Buddy is at (B, B1, B2) but here is the link to the study if you want to take it to your vet and ask if diet would help.

I'm an obsessive researcher, so I'm not offended if you are rolling your eyes (plus I work in human clinical trials). Thanks for sharing all the info, I enjoyed finding out something new on a boring Friday (when I'm reading this).

I am glad Buddy's condition can be treated!
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