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Hi everyone!
It's been awhile, but I found myself with a few minutes while Brie takes an unexpected snooze, so I thought I would share our last visit to the dogpark with all of you. When we arrived we discovered the weekly daschund meet in full swing, so naturally Brie immediately ran over to join the fun. Before we knew it she assumed her "play with me" position and the next thing you know, off she runs with 12 daschunds in hot pursuit /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/classic-smiley-11.gif. Around and around she ran with all of these "weiner dogs" running after her. It was really a sight to see. After the fourth time around Brie decided to stop short and the next thing you know she was engulfed by daschunds, all barking and rolling around. Not to worry, though, she quickly regained her balance and around they went again. Everyone at the park, to include everyone on the large dog side stopped to watch the spectacle and everyone was laughing and cheering. All the daschund moms and dads wanted to know what days we usually bring Brie to the park so that they could bring their dogs too for the exercise! Anyway, fun was had by all and Brie fell fast asleep on the ride home. She is still a handfull at 10 months but she is a total joy! Have included a recent picture so that everyone can see how much she has grown.

Lora & Tippi...and now Brie


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