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I've been absent from BW (attending to my dog-collar business during holiday season is a seven day/week job!);

First, congratulations on adopting Brie; I'm sure she's filling the hole in your heart from Tippi's passing. I'm happy for you!!

Secondly, hang in there. Maggie is a dominant dog, never able to relax with her tummy in the air. Since day one, I've practiced touching her ears, pads, genitals, teeth and tummy. When she resists, I use a firm voice and tell her to stay. When she relaxes her muscles and 'allows' my touching, she is praised! At nearly three years of age, she still doesn't like her tummy rubbed, or to lie on her back, but it's an everyday exercise at our house. She has learned to tolerate and accept it, but still doesn't enjoy it. I DO believe it has helped establish me as her alpha.....because believe me, without constant reminders, Maggie would dominate completely.

That being said, she's also the most comical and entertaining dog I've ever been owned by. We butt heads constantly (since she is always trying to be top dog) but it makes for some pretty hilarious entertainment. Hang in there.....Brie will always test the boundaries, but if she's half as fun as Maggie, you'll have a wonderful time trying to tame her. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif
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