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Brie has joined our family&we have lots of QUESTIONS!!

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Hey everyone :wave: Well, after a miserable, lonely month, Ron and I couldn't stand it any longer and began applying to some of our local rescue groups. We did the whole application thing and while we were waiting we happened to see an ad for 12 week, tricolor Beagles and decided to just call and inquire. The lady had been breeding beagles for 9 years and had good references and said, "Why don't you just come over and take a look?" 3 hours later we were on our way home with Brie, a beautiful tricolor female beagle baby! Not meaning to sound sloppy, but I saw Tippi in her eyes when she looked at me.
I asked Ron if he thought it was too soon and he said "Now that we've seen her, you can't seriously think that we can go home without her, do you??" Anyway I really have alot of questions,as it seems that I have completely forgotten how to handle a puppy. Most important is crate training. It has gone well so far and she is really catching on to the potty training, but we did not crate train Tippi so I am new to this. I am home most of the day and I find that I am getting little done because I feel guilty about putting her in her crate and when I do she yelps and carries on horribly. Can any of you give me a crash course on crate training. I checked out some articles on it, but they seem so strict re: the amount of time she should be in the crate, etc., so I really need some instruction. We just finished our first roll of film and when I get it developed I will post pictures. I know in the weeks to come I will have a million more questions, but for right now I need to get this crate training down. Hope to get lots of advice soon.

Lora&Tippi and now Brie
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Lora, it's been 11 years since my Shiloh was a baby, so I'm gonna leave the advice giving to those with more current experiences--and better memories :rolleyes: But I do remember that crate training was the best decision I could have made with Shiloh and potty training. I weas hesitant to do it because we had 2 other dogs at the time and it didn't seem fair to shut Shiloh off when the others had the run of the house. But it did seem to help her turn the corner with potty training.
Congratulations to you and Ron, and a big welcome to Beagle World to little Brie! Looking forward to the pictures.
I'm so happy.... it is exciting to have a new puppy at home.
Learn from my mistakes - don't give in. Stick to the crate, since you are home most of the time it's not like she is all alone. I'm sure part of her crying is the separation from her mom and siblings.... she will do great - I'm sure.

Post some pictures so we can drool...
aww I am glad you got a new pup! That is so exciting. Brie.. thats a pretty name.
Well, we still have 2 of the litter left here-Lucky and Betty Boop and we have not ever done any crate training here with them. I would guess just be patient and don't give in to her right away. the biggest thing she is going thru right now is being away from other dogs (her momma, etc) and she just will have to get used to it. I probably don't do things quite right as I kind of take over as surrogate momma to all my pups, they all think I am their Mom. I got Harley 2 years ago with Sadie, and took them right into my bed and they stayed next to me until Sadie gave birth to Maggie in the bathroom. Maggie quickly became part mine too and when Sadie got too anxious and went to a new home then I was momma to Maggie and Harley. Then Chopper showed up at our door and after a few hugs and love from me he developed an attachment to me and now much sleep on top of me. Then Maggie had the pups this summer and the 2 I have lft whimper until they get picked up on the bed to sleep next to me and slobber on my face.
Can't wait for pics of new Brie though! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
Judi and the gang
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I am crating Marley and could not do without it. It's good for them too. It's their little den, a safe place, they can sleep, etc.

Don't give in. It's hard I know. You have to get them on a schedule/routine with it and don't keep letting her out just because she is crying. If not, she will cry just because she knows you will come running. The routine saves me, and so does playing with him a lot before bed. This way when he goes to his crate, he is beat. Also, I'd recommend a term for the crate. I use night-night. So everytime I put him in the crate, I say go night night, give him a little nudge, and say good boy. Now when I say it, he walks in with very little nudge, whereas before I had to put him in it. Soon I hope to just be able to say it and he will go in all on his own.

Have only had Marley for 2 months so we are stil working onit, but I remember how much it helped with my Charlie as well.

You can also try leaving the door open and tossing a treat in so that she knows it's not just for going to bed/being confined. Also, do not use it for punishment or she will think it's a negative place to be. Lastly, you can also teach her manners by telling her to sit (when she learns to) before opening.

Good Luck.
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Thanks for the encouragement,(she is whimpering as I write this and the crate is right next to me!) I guess what I wanted to know is how much time should she spend in the crate. She always goes in willingly, its just after I close the door that she fusses and as time goes on the fussing gets louder and louder. We are not at the point where she will stay in it with the door open. I am sorry to say that despite what the breeder said I don't think she socialized the puppies at all. Bries siblings were all adopted by 10 weeks and when we got her it was just Brie and her brother left in the litter for nearly two weeks. I found out today that the lady who adopted Brie's brother the day after we brought her home,is now wanting to give him back because he is so fearful of everything. Brie is getting better each day on that count, but she too was extremely fearful of everyday noises etc. Now we are dealing with her sudden bursts of energy and tearing through the house for no reason at all and then just stopping and sitting down and wagging her tail. It's a riot! She has also started nipping me, not Ron, just me and I am having an awful time getting her to stop it. Has anyone else gone through this? I am determined to be the "alpha dog", but I am getting the feeling that it's going to be an uphill battle :biglaugh: As I said before I am open to all advice and suggestions!!!

Lora&Tippi and now Brie
"My little dog. A heartbeat at my feet".
Edith Wharton
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Ahhh yes, the puppy days!! Bella just turned a year in June so I am pretty familiar with the crate. She actually prefers her crate at night and stays there instead of my bed! Yahoo!

I would of course get her use to the crate and leave the door open like Marley's mom said and let her wander in and out of it and never use it as punishment. I would also have Bella go in there for some down time when she was really little...for my sanity too! Now she goes in there and the door is open and she is all balled up cute as can be sleeping!

I think also it would be good to have an old T-shirt or sock with your scent on it that she can have with her. Bella had a toy with her Mom's scent and she also had a T-shirt of mine with her when she was little. She snuggled with it all the time.

Good luck with the puppy! I can't wait for pictures!
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To Marley's Mommy,

We must have been posting at the same time. Brie needs very little nudging, but I like the idea of attaching a term to the crate and will give it a try, thanks. I read where you should not use it for punishment, so am careful about that. However what do you do when they do something that you don't want them to do to help them make the connection to not do it again? Brie has had a couple instances where she becomes all wound up and begins to bite at things (and me /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/frown.gif ) and all the correction in the world doesn't seem to help.

Lora&Tippi and now Brie
"My little dog. A heartbeat at my feet."
Edith Wharton
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We couldn't have survived the first year without the crate. In the beginning Maggie didn't want to stay inside. Now she likes it.We just say Kennel up, she runs over, nudges the door open and hops in. We give her a treat and close the door. In the beginning she cried sometimes but it was absolutely the only way I could accomplish anything. I always gave a treat when she went in and I never used it for punishment. When she cried as a pup, I let her cry a little and when she started to settle down I let her out. I didn't want her to associate raising a fuss with getting out. I also found she was more likely to sleep when the top and sides were covered with a blanket. I left the front open.

You asked if you were ready? You went looking, so I'd say you were ready. You husband was right, once you saw her and that connection was made, there was no turning back.

I can't give any puppy tips (I never had one), but I can say this... (and please do not take offense) You saw Tippi in Brie's eyes, but she is not Tippi. Do not expect Brie to become another Tippi. It would not be fair to Brie or Tippi's memory. Brie will grow into her own personality. What you saw in Brie's eyes was just Tippi saying "This is the one for you."

Good luck with her and welcome to the pack Brie. :thumbup:
About the crate training...Béla and I had a heated arguement over how to do it when we first brought Abby home. He wanted to just shove her in the crate at bedtime and let her "Whine it out." Not supringsly she actually did whine and she whined and whined. Finally I said look it's not working let me do it my way. I did, and it took me two days to crate train her.

What I did:
1-Put the crate up in a busy are of the house...one where the family is constantly (living room for us) left it open and let her explore in it freely, sniff it, etc but didn't close her in.

2-After watching her investigate it on and off for a few hours I moved it from the living room to our bedroom (where she had been sleeping. I then put HER blanket and a couple of her toys in there and left it open. I also put one of my dirty shirts in there (well not dirty dirty but one that I had worn that day) so that when she went in there to sniff around she would smell me, her mommy.

3-For the rest of the day I left it open, that night I also left it open and let her wander in and out freely without closing her in. That night I left her out of the crate and let her sleep in the bed, but she wound up on her blanket in her crate.

4-The next day when she would go in there on her own I would lock her in there, starting for just a couple minutes, walking away, coming back opening it, letting her out, etc. I did this for increasingly longer periods of time that day.

5-That night, I told her (after replacing my shirt with another dirty one) "time to go to bed" and put her in her crate and closed it...keep in mind she was in the bedroom with us, and it wasn't completely dark.
No barking or whining from her, or us.
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I haven't had a puppy for awhile, either, so can't be of much help there. Brie will surely help to fill the empty space in your heart.
hello lora

crate training is hard, but usually only on the heart. the crying is normal and something shes gonna do until she accepts the fact of the crate. you on the other hand must not give in and pay her any attention at all. this is a period as to where your trying to train her, and shes trying to train you too. you gotta win this hands down. its a must. never use the crate as a way to punish her. its her "bedroom". bernie use to get put in the bathroom with the lights out when he acted up. if you know beagles they hate to be left out. so the bathroom worked. bernie is willing to go to his crate even after living in it for 2 months 95% of the time. hes a great dog, trained well, and he loves his daddy.
Hi, Lora and a warm welcome to little Brie (can't wait to see her pics /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/wink.gif )

Not much to offer here either as Boeing (almost 5 y/o now) spent only a short period in a crate when he was young. I remember he was quite a tough little pup as he rarely whimpered in his crate. He was crated only at night and he just had the whole house to roam free during the day. So I guess he associated being crated with time to rest and he didn't much object to that.
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Thanks everyone for all the great advice, except that now I have to admit to Ron that all of you gave me the very same advice that he did. :biglaugh: Anyway things are improving as Brie seems to settle down in her crate with less and less crying and I am holding fast not to let her crying tempt me to letting her out while she is fussing. I do leave the door open when she is out, but all she does is run up to it and bark. However,last night I took it upstairs before taking her upstairs and she ran up the steps and right to it in our room. PROGRESS :thumbup: . Today is a red letter day in that she went to the door each and every time she had to go out. I marvel at how smart she is.
Murphy's Dad: You are absolutely right. What I meant though, is that when I looked into Brie's eyes it was like Tippi was saying to me "It's ok to let go and this Brie looks like a winner!" We do still think alot about Tippi, but not in any relation to Brie.
So tomorrow we start puppy classes and I am really looking forward to it, as much for Brie as for Ron and I. I think it will be alot of fun.
Will post the pictures as soon as I get them back.

Lora&Tippi and now Brie
"My little dog. A heartbeat at my feet".
Edith Wharton
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A big welcome to Brie! Looking forward to pics -- have fun with the puppy classes!
all I have to say is work hard at getting the nipping under control. I am having a trainer come in tomorrow due to excessive nipping.
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