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Boy, that was scary

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We're in the kitchen eating dinner and we hear our two boys playing in the other room, nothing out of the ordinary. I always get nervous when they rough-house, but my wife says it's normal. It may be, but I still get ansy when they do this. Any way, we hear a yelp and we run into the other room and we see the big guy (Oscar) just staring at us. We turn our attention to the little guy (Kramer) and he collapses. He tried he darnedest to stand up, but he couldn't. Then he started to shake. My wife stayed with him and tried to calm him, although I wish she tried to calm me down. I got the number for the vet, put Oscar in the other room and got ready to take Kramer to the vet. Fortunately, about 1 very long minute later, he stopped shaking and stood up on his own. While his eyes looked a little glazed, he acted pretty normal. Me, on the other hand, needed a drink. He ate a treat and acted pretty normal after that. While we don't really know what happened, we think they may have bumped heads. Right now he shows no ill effects. Boy, that was scary. Here's a picture of my cutie:

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Quote:Originally posted by jen-n-jersey:
It does sound like Kramer had a seizure.
Oh dear - I don't like the sound of that. Thanks for the advice. I'll call the vet in the morning.
Thanks for the good advice. We took Kramer to the vet who did some blood work - we won't get the results for a couple of days. It may be epilepsy but then again, it may never happen again. It's a crap shoot. They won't medicate the dog until he has 3 confirmed seizures, so we'll keep an eye out. Fortunately, the doc said it's very unlikely that epilepsy will kill a dog. So all in all, good news today (until I got the bill, that is!).
Quote:Originally posted by Spencer's Mum:
... and let us know when you get the results.
Thanks for the support, everybody. Just heard back from the Doctor who said everything came back normal, except it seems he has a bladder infection, so he'll have to take some meds for that. The doc concluded that Kramer had an epileptic seizure and we'll have to see if he has any more. Fortunately, so far it was just the one last weekend. We'll keep our fingers crossed. Oh, and here's a picture of my little buddy:

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