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Booker is 11 today!

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Booker turns 11 today! She got an extra little treat (fruit bread) with her thyroid pill this morning - breakfast in bed for the old girl... and right now she is stretched out in her bed, snoring away. I expect her special day will be filled with her favourite things - eating and sleeping...

Booker - we love you to bits and are so glad we were able to offer you a forever home (and we have never been disappointed that you are not a golden retriever, like your first home was). And thanks for introducing us to the wonderful world of beagles!
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Quote:Originally posted by Marley's Mommy:
how sweet!

Love your name Booker! What made Mommy name you that?

Booker thanks everyone for all the good wishes!

And to answer Marley's Mommy's question, we actually didn't name her. Her first owners (the ones who tried for 3 1/2 years to make her into a golden retriever) named her that and we thought it fit her so we kept it. Apparently they had been to a Washington Huskies basketball game just before getting her. One of the players had the last name of Booker, and throughout the game the crowd kept cheering for "BOOOOOOKKKKKER" . Their two young girls liked the name and wanted to name their new puppy that when she arrived - they didn't care that Booker seemed more like a boy's name and that's how she became "the Book"!
Here's to Booker on her Big Day :roll: Hope your day was just delightful!!!

I wish I could just sleep and eat on MY birthday!! Daisy sends kisses.

Monica and Daisy /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
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I am a little late Booker, but happy birthday anyway. I am glad you found a home where you are loved and appreciated for all your beagle traits!
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