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Bonnie has had surgury

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Poor Bonnie is back from the vets, she is very sore, the vet removed 3 lumps in total. The one from her shoulder, one from her back and one from the side of her knee joint. She has got a really comfy bed in the lounge where the other two can't bother her and is being spoilt.

We have to go back in 10 days for the stiches to be removed and a post-op check.
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I hope that Bonnie gets back on her paws quickly.... gentle belly rubs from Chloe and me... :animal18:
I'm glad that Bonnie's surgery is behind her, and hope she recovers quickly.
I'm glad that she is recovering and agree, she should be getting special attention. I wouldn't call it being spoilt, Bagel and I say she is getting the pampering she deserves. Give Bonnie some love from her admirer's accross the pond.
Glad it is over for Bonnie and glad it went well. I did think about her this morning and wondered how it went. Bonnie, lay back and take it real easy and let yourself be spoiled.

P.s. I like this quick reply box.
I'm happy to hear that Bonnie's surgery is over and that all went well. Jersey and I send some extra belly rubs and Beagle kisses to her across the pond!
I join in to say "welcome back home, Bonnie!" Gentle hugs from us!
Hope you have a complete and speedy recovery Miss Bonnie !!!
Hope you feel better soon Bonnie!!
Hope you feel better soon Bonnie (and Booker wants you to know that the first day or so is the worst - then you start feeling much better really soon)!
Wishing you a speedy recovery, Bonnie. Gentle hugs from us :heart:
Pat and Boeing
Glad it all went well. Sending gentle belly rubs over for the poorly patient.
Awww, poor Bonnie. I'm sending nice belly rubs and a real soft cuddle.
Just wondering how the patient is doing today?
Bonnie is making good progress, she is healing up nicely on her shoulder and back but the scar on her knee weeped a little this morning but is fine now so we are keeping an eye on that. Unfortunatly Bonnie cannot have a walk of anykind untill sunday and she is starting to look a little porky, after sunday she can only have short slow lead walks so we will have to cut down a little on the extra treats to keep her weight in check.
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