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oh I just had to share a moment I had with Glover at lunch time. He was half a sleep when I got home, I opened the sliding door to the deck where his crate is during the day.
Then (because it was scorching hot!) I lied down on the tiles.... a little lump came half asleep to me and lyed on top of my stomac and we had a huge cuddle for like 10 minits! with out nipping!!!!

it was so fantastic, my heart melted!! aww..

anyway heres a photo of previous bonding moments..

what was I thinking... giving him up??!! never!


ps. Glover had his second vac today on his 3 month birthday! no worries at all, healthy growing pup! and didn't feel the needle.... as he was eating at the time lol

x :raspberry:
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So glad your pup is bonding with you. Our two would sit on our laps all day if we let them. Hard to imagine they spent their first five years locked in labs with little pleasant human contact.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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