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Bleeding nail?

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Ditto Debannib! The "styptic stick or powder" has been a "time tested method" for at least 3 generations on my fathers side of the family! Why would JT "lock out" this info?! Styptic powder or the "stick-form" of it is very effective in stopping blood loss from minor,(like shaving cuts) to minor lacerations on humans & works very well on domestic animals as well! Goober, Rufus & Gorromino have been treated & survived the styptic
stick as have I when "a pimply faced teen" first started shaving! /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/eek.gif Goober & Rufus are our eldest beags & Gorromino was my 16 & a half year old cockateil that hated having his nails trimmed & survived after having one of his nails trimmed too close with the aid of a styptic stick! But he went into shock & died in my hands when I had to trim his nails @ 16 1/2! The average age for a cockateil is 17, soo he nearly made it to the average age...but I will never own a bird as a pet again! (The experience of having a beloved pet die in my hands) is something I never wish to experience again! It is hard enough to part with a four legged pet...but when you lose a pet that is smart enough to "converse with you", That is very hard to accept! Gorro was "tri-lingual" as he could speak & understand English, Swedish & german! He was my pet/companion when I lived in an apartment & always greeted me with a song when I came home! :thumbup:
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