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Bleeding Nail

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Is there any way to stop a nail from bleeding because it is cut to short?
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I really hate to give out medical advice however Tea is a natural blood clotting agent that works well with humans.

Take a Tea Bag and totally soak it in warm water and squeeze out some not all of the wetness and hold it firmly on the bleeding area applying some pressure and the blood should clot faster.
styptic powder

It can be purchased at pet stores in the form of a powder or a pencil.
I am guessing you are meaning a dog nail?
when it happened to me one night I was FRANTIC because poor harley was running around the house bleeding all over (from just one little nail!) and didnt know what to do.
So I of course, jumped online and did some quick research. the quickest thing I found was flour (like baking flour) and to put their paw in it til it stopped bleeding. of course, Harley could tell I was upset and trying to get it to stop as quick as possible so of course he didnt want to sit still
but that worked the best for me. got lots of blood and flour all over the kitchen ! but finally got it taken care of. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/smile.gif
Judi and the gang
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Just put your thumb right on the cut end of the nail and hold pressure there for five minutes or until it stops bleeding (usually less than five). It will clot naturally. Afterward you can put a drop of super glue on it to seal it against infection. Super glue, or cyanoacrylic glue, is being used frequently now to seal incisions following surgery.
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